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Marion McEnroy-Higgins, ‘Sustainability as the New Ideal’ Zhuangshi, Chinese Journal of Design, 2021.1, 333 pp.64-75. Translated by Wang Yun, China Academy of Arts. 
[爱尔兰 ] 马里恩·麦肯罗伊·希金斯, 翻译 :汪芸,  新理想—可持续发展  [Part 1]  [Part 2] February edition of Zhuangshi - One of the leading journals in China for arts and design.  It is included in Chinese Social Science Citation Index (CSSCI).  Published on behalf of the Tsinghua University (Beijing, China). Founded in 1958, 12 issues per year. (Issue delayed due to Covid-19).


Why do Irish institutions still call themselves ‘royal’?’ 

Irish Times online

'Protecting the Necessity of Making: Katharine West’ 

Ceramics Ireland. Issue 37. 2016 

PDF available online:

With co-author Damien Costello, Lecturer, GMIT College of Science, ‘Present Musings on the Past: Creating a Digital Platform for the Galway City Museum.’  Peer-reviewed Conference paper, THRIC conference GMIT. 

PDF available online:

‘Obscured by the Camera’ Poster Presentation of PG research at CIHA 33rd Congress of International Art Historians, Nurnberg, Germany. (see JPG below)  See CIHA website: 

"'Johannes Clericus'—the life and work of Revd. John Rooney." Irish Arts Review Yearbook 17, 122-126. 2001  Available at 


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